Monday, October 11, 2010

Santa Fe Farmer's Market

A highlight for guests of Hacienda Nicholas this fall is a visit to the Santa Fe Farmer's Market.  Ted and I went this past weekend and delighted in the aroma of fresh-roasting green chile and some of the most gorgeous dahlias ever seen.  This is such an enjoyable venue for locals and visitors alike.  We found the ideal ingredients for a tasty picnic to enjoy in the mountains, among the aspens:  juicy red tomatoes, flavorful basil, scrumptious fresh mozzarella, crunchy baguettes, crunchy tart apples and tasty pies.  Enjoy music provided by local classical, jazz or blues artists. 

If you are lucky, the New Mexico Rail Runner will pull in while you are there - a treat for all ages!
Santa Fe Farmer's Market:  1607 Paseo de Peralta
Tuesday and Saturday:  7am-noon
Thursday  3pm-7pm

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