Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Superb Hiking in and Around Santa Fe

 The Hacienda Nicholas Bed & Breakfast Inn attracts many hikers and, more often than not, they avail themselves to our hiking books and maps of the area.   In addition, there are some great outdoors stores nearby, in case you left your hiking attire at home but can't resist the call of the wild.  One of the better local stores is Sangre de Cristo Mountain Works,  located in the railyard area.  Their staff is a font of knowledge on all mountain sports available in the Santa Fe area, from hiking to rock climbing, snow shoeing to skiing.  You will find a number of the more popular day hikes of Santa Fe on their website, and of course they can supply you with all the best hiking boots, outerwear, hats and miscellaneous outdoor gear you may need.

On occasion our guests prefer the services of an experienced guide in order to go places they may not easily find on their own, or to take advantage of the guide's wealth of knowledge.  We have found the services of Outspire to be outstanding.  Karen Dennison and her staff will tailor a hike suitable to any level of physical ability and specific area of interest.  You may call them at (505)606-0394 to schedule a hike to meet your needs - choose from hiking through spectacular volcanic canyons, viewing the aspens, marveling at the unusual Tent Rocks and so much more.


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