Wednesday, December 8, 2010

18th Annual Art of Devotion Exhibit at Peyton Wright Gallery

The Peyton Wright Gallery, an easy two-block walk for our guests at The Hacienda Nicholas Bed & Breakfast Inn, has recently opened its 18th Annual Art of Devotion exhibit.  Attendees can marvel at museum-quality sculptures, silver-work, furniture, devotional objects and paintings from the Spanish Colonial period (1520-1820).  This was a time of intense cultural and social conflict, and naturally the stresses of the time influenced the creation of art.  An underlying theme of this spectacular show is the struggle between sophisticated civilizations and traditional belief systems.

This collection of art from the former Spanish and Portuguese colonies (New Mexico, Mexico, Guatamala, Ecuador, Argentine, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and the Philippines) is perhaps the largest and most significant collection of its kind in the world.   Interest in Historic Art of the Americas is peaking, with institutions, museums, private collections, scholars, and auction houses, paying a great deal of attention to what used to be a neglected body of works.

Make sure to pay a visit to this neighborhood gallery so you too can marvel at these magnificent pieces.

The show opened on December 3 and will be up until April of 2011.
Peyton Wright Gallery
237 East Palace Avenue
Santa Fe, NM

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