Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ukrainian Easter Egg Dying in February?

Yes, Santa Fe truly is the City Different, so we try to inform our guests at The Hacienda Nicholas Bed & Breakfast Inn of as many interesting events as possible.  For example, where else would you be able to see, for FREE no less, a demonstration on the making of Ukrainian Easter Eggs?  Also known as pysanka, the eggs are decorated using a wax-resis (batik) method.  The designs are not painted on, as one would think, but are written on the eggs using beeswax.  Using tradtional Ukrainian folk designs, the eggs are very intricate and brightly colored.  In ancient times, the eggs were decorated with nature symbols and were important parts of spring rituals.  Today people collect these eggs for display year 'round, but particularly over the Easter holidays.

This demonstration of Pysanka is presented by Susan's Christmas Shop and will take place on Saturday, February 26th from 1-4pm.  While you may well want to visit Susan's Christmas Shop after the event, the actual demonstration will take place at The Coronado Room of the La Fonda Hotel, right on the Santa Fe Plaza.


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