Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Dinner with Panache

The Hacienda Nicholas Bed & Breakfast Inn is a popular destination spot for those seeking a romantic getaway in Santa Fe, especially around Valentine's Day.  Many guests are drawn also to our spa, Absolute Nirvana, where they can have a massage as well as a soak in a tub filled with the petals of a dozen red roses, a fire burning at their feet, nibbling on tropical fruits and chocolates, sipping hot Javanese ginger tea.

After your spa treatment, may I suggest a dinner at Ze French Bistro.  France is synonymous with romance so what better way to keep that amorous mood going than an authentic French dinner.  This one will also be easy on your wallet, which is not always the case with French cuisine.  Ze French Bistro is offering a three course meal for just $35.  Menu selections are:

Smoked Salmon with Blinis and cape creme fraiche OR
Fresh bruschetta and mozzarella on whole wheat bread

Stuffed dover sole "vol au vent" with baby vegetables OR
Baked Atlantic salmon and Champagne beurre blanc OR
Grilled beef tenderloin, "Bearnaise" or "au poivre"

Decadent Heart-shaped Chocolate Fondant with fresh raspberries OR
Peach and Pear Melba ice cream Sundae "a deux" with chocolate syrup, roasted almonds and whipped cream.

This combination of spa and dinner would certainly make for a memorable Valentine's Day.

Ze French Bistro
311 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, NM

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