Monday, January 28, 2013

Spanish Colonial Elegance on View in Santa Fe

The Hacienda Nicholas Bed & Breakfast Inn, located in an historic adobe just three blocks from the Santa Fe Plaza, was built in the 1920's for a Spanish beauty.  It is not hard to imagine this regal woman, along with other wealthy Santa Fe women of that era, strolling about in fine adornments from Spain:  beautifully embroidered  mantones de Manila (elaborate hand-embroidered shawls), mantillas (hair coverings made of lace and other fine textiles), filigree jewelry, peinetas (decorative hair combs) and intricately painted fans.

We Santa Fe women are more apt to be sporting a more casual look these days, but you can view examples of these sumptuous Spanish garments and jewels at the newly opened exhibit Filigree and Finery: The Art of Spanish Elegance, at the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art.  Most of the items on display are family heirlooms donated from old Santa Fe families and have never before been on display.  Because New Mexico was on the international trade route of the Camino Real, there are textiles from Spain as well as France, China, the Philippines and Mexico.  The exhibit has been curated so viewers can also see how historic laws dictated which members of society were permitted to wear different levels of finery.  Rebozos (decorative woven shawls), for example, could be woven for very little money on a back-strap loom at home, but the wealthier classes wore finely woven rebozos made with more costly materials.  As it was the custom of the day to wear one's wealth, it was not at all unusual to see women bedecked in gold, pearls and diamonds, wearing gorgeous embroidered silks and velvets, while walking along the Santa Fe's dusty roads.

Museum of Spanish Colonial Art
750 Camino Lejo (on Museum Hill)
Exhibit runs through May 27, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Broadway Show Tunes while Dining at La Cantina

A short walk from The Hacienda Nicholas Bed & Breakfast Inn is La Cantina, a favorite of our guests seeking an evening of entertainment coupled with delicious food.  Their highly trained and accomplished wait staff perform selections from beloved Broadway shows, including Rent, The Producers and Phantom of the Opera, while serving up entrees featuring seasonal and local ingredients.   Choose from selections such as Grass Fed New Mexico Filet Mignon, Quinoa Lentil Tamales, Pan Seared Scallops or Natural Chicken Breast rubbed with Achitoe Chile.   The singing wait staff perform Wednesday through Sunday nights, beginning at 6pm.

The Cantina is located in an historic adobe just about one block from the Plaza, along with its more upscale dining establishment, La Casa Sena, and the La Casa Sena Wine Shop.  As we are still not able to serve wine to our guests, the Wine Shop is a great place to buy a bottle or two to enjoy during your stay in Santa Fe.

La Cantina
125 East Palace Avenue
Santa Fe, NM

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Flamenco to Warm up a Cold Winter's Night

Santa Fe has been experiencing some colder than normal temperatures this January, but just one block from the Hacienda Nicholas Bed & Breakfast Inn, the Flamenco en Fuego evening will warm up the coldest of nights.  Come in out of the cold for this Latin Dance Performance and three course dinner being offered up at Fuego, the high end dining establishment at La Posada Resort & Spa.  Performing this evening will be Ballet en Fuego, one of the Southwest's top dance troupes, known for their proficiency in Mexican, Spanish and Latin dance, as well as their vibrant costumes.

 Executive Chef Carmen Rodriguez, voted the New Mexico Chef of the Year in 2012, will be serving up a three course dinner as the dancer's perform.  Selections from the first course include a choice of Ensalada Nido de Pajaro or Thai Coconut Horchata Soup.  The second course offerings include Salmon en Papa with Red Chile Honey Braised Chard and Green Chile Hollandaise or Enchilada Madre Santa or Puerco con Hongo.  Finish up your meal with Nana's Chocolate Mousse.

The price is $48 per person. with two seatings available:  5:30pm and 7:30pm.
For reservations call 505.954.9670 or reserve online at

La Posada
330 East Palace Avenue (just one block from the inn)
Santa Fe, NM

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sales Galore in Santa Fe

Besides touring Santa Fe's galleries, archeological sites and outdoor wonders, guests of The Hacienda Nicholas Bed and Breakfast Inn love to explore the city's wide array of unique shops.  January is a particularly fortuitous time for such exploration, as many of our finest stores are offering exceptional sales.

Origins, a boutique at 135 San Francisco Street, features gorgeous jewelry, exotic clothing, textiles, decor and furnishings from around the world.  Going into Origins is like visiting a museum where everything is for sale, and with every item in the store on sale, this is a great time to visit.

My favorite shoe store, Sanbusco Center's On Your Feet, has an assortment of winter shoes and boots on sale, at 20-40% off.  The store is known for its focus on stylish yet comfortable footwear - you will not find any stilettos at On Your Feet!  They stock lines such as Dansko and Merrell, ideal for navigating Santa Fe's famously uneven sidewalks.

Be sure to include a stop at Design Warehouse in your shopping expedition.  This spacious store, located at 101 West Marcy Street, is full of contemporary home decor and furniture for those wishing to decorate with a sense of adventure and playfulness.

These are just a few of the many shops offering special pricing during the month of January.  There are deals to be had at most every establishment, as this is a particularly show time of year in Santa Fe, and room must be made for incoming merchandise.  Happy shopping!