Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wine Permit Application Submitted!

The Hacienda Nicholas Bed & Breakfast Inn began an evening Happy Hour many years ago, with the blessings of the City of Santa Fe, and it quickly became a very popular event.  Guests really enjoyed the complimentary glass of wine and appetizers, socializing with other guests at the end of a day of touring, and getting help with the evening's dinner plans.

Then the hammer came down and the State of New Mexico Alcohol & Gaming Division notified all New Mexico B&B's that we were no longer allowed to offer any beer or wine to guests.  We learned this was considered a serious offense, punishable by18 months in jail and a $5000 fine!  That was the end of our Happy Hour!

I was given the task by the New Mexico B&B Association to get legislation passed that would allow the State's inns to get Wine & Beer Permits for restricted service to our guests.  Two and a half years later, after much trial and tribulation, the B&B's of New Mexico are now allowed to apply for such a permit.  Much documentation is necessary, coupled with hearings on the state and local level, but we are hopeful that our application, submitted July 31, 2013, will be approved.

Assuming this is the case, we hope to be serving wine in the evenings beginning in November of 2013.    We will also be meeting with the New Mexico Wine Grower's Association in hopes of finding some local New Mexico Wines for your enjoyment.  Cross your fingers!!

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