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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chocolate Seduction in Santa Fe

Chocolate, the food of the gods, is also a highly desired commodity around Valentine's Day.  Just a few blocks from the Hacienda Nicholas Bed & Breakfast Inn are two of Santa Fe's best chocolatiers, where you can find incredible selections of artisanal chocolates.

Kakawa Chocolate House, just around the corner from the inn at 1050 E. Paseo de Peralta, is featuring Aphrodisiac Truffles this Valentine's, as well as many other fabulous truffles incorporating the finest dark chocolate, agave, flowers, herbs, nuts, caramels and even gold!  I LOVE getting a box of Kakawa truffles for Valentine's Day!!!  Kakawa also specializes in authentic and historic drinking chocolates based on recipes from 1000 BC to the mid-1900's.

Another nearby chocolate wonderland is Todos Santos, just a few blocks down Palace Avenue in the Sena Plaza Couryard.  The specialty here is hand-carved chocolate milagros (religious folk charms), coated in edible chocolate and silver, which are delicious works of art.

Chocolate lovers staying at Hacienda Nicholas may also want to check out the Chocolate Decadence Treatment at Absolute Nirvana Spa, just across the street.  Two hours of chocolate bliss, including a full body massage, a scrub with organic raw cacao and cane sugar, a mask with yogurt and honey, your own private steam, and then a soak in a hand-carved granite tub filled with the petals of a dozen red roses.  While luxuriating in your tub, nibble on tropical fruits and, you guessed it, hand-rolled chocolate truffles made with organic raw cacao and agave.  Now this is Nirvana in Chocolate!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bread and Chocolate - the Staff of Life

We often recommend tours of Santa Fe to our guests of The Hacienda Nicholas Bed & Breakfast - there are plenty of walking tours, ghost tours and archeological sites tours.  However,  if you are like me and love bread and chocolate, here is just the tour for you.

Beginning at the Santa Fe State Capitol Building, the Bread and Chocolate Tour takes place every Friday from 10-12:15, though other days and times may be arranged.  The tour is an epicurean delight, allowing you to nibble on fresh-baked breads and crepes, specialty chocolate drinks and artisinal chocolates while also exploring the historic Don Gaspar neighborhood and the exciting new developments of the Railyard District.

Your guide, StephanieBeninato, has a Ph.D. in Southwest History and is a font of knowledge.  She will entertain you with her vast knowledge and engaging tales of Santa Fe's fascinating history.

Reservations are necessary and may be made by phoning 505.988.8022.
Cost per person is $65. 
Yum yum yum!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Santa Fe Chocolate Trail

Santa Fe is known for many things, not the least of which is the Old Santa Fe Trail, a trade route connecting Santa Fe to the east, which saw its first traffic in 1821.  Fast forward to 2011, where visitors from both east and west are hot on the Santa Fe Chocolate Trail.  Many of our guests at The Hacienda Nicholas Bed & Breakfast Inn have made a point of visiting all four of these fine chocolatiers during their stays. 

Just three blocks from the Hacienda Nicholas is The Kakawa Chocolate House, located at 1050 Paseo de Peralta.  This artisanal chocolate house features an incredible array of exotic truffles which are hand dipped and rolled daily using dark chocolate and a variety of local organic herbs, fruit nectars and infusions from ginger to lavender.  These truffles are not inexpensive (ranging in price from $4-$5 each, though a box of six is a deal at $18) but well worth the expenditure.  
Kakawa also takes hot chocolate to a new level.  Dedicated to using authentic historic recipes, dating as far back as 1000 BC for their drinking chocolates, they offer Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican Mayan Aztec drinking chocolate; 1600's European drinking chocolate, Colonial American and Colonial Mexican drinking chocolates.  Swiss Miss will never satisfy after this experience in hot cocoa!

Another of my favorites on the Santa Fe Chocolate Trail is Todos Santos, also just a few blocks from Hacienda Nicholas at 125 E. Palace Avenue.  This shop, tucked inside a garden courtyard, exudes Santa Fe quirkiness and charm.   Perhaps their most unusual offering is the selection of hand-carved 'silver-covered' chocolate milagros, which would make a unique gift for any chocolate lover on your list.  For yourselves, try one of their handmade chocolate truffles with flavors ranging from rose to grapefruit to toffee. 

Also on the Santa Fe Chocolate Trail are C.G. Higgins Confections and The Chocolatesmith.